When You sit your postural muscles shorten. Then when you stand up they unwind too quickly and like a spring they release very quickly and come to a point where they cannot unwind any more. This limit of movement into a backward or extended position continues to repeat everytime we go to stand up. Eventually the opposite muscles to these never totally get back to their ‘home’ position. This results in these ( Back Muscles) not working properly. They loose the ability to nourish themselves and become ischemic ( lacking blood ) when this happens these muscles then start to dehydrate and deteriorate. They then become painful. this is why you feel pain into your back. But this is not where the problem is. This is where you feel your pain but it is not where you go to treat that pain.

If you want to be rid of your ‘Back’ pain for good, you need to treat the Soaz. Call us at Posturepro to get these checked.