If you are one of the many Australians that suffer from neck pain, neck ache or neck stiffness, you will be pleased to know that Posturepro has a physio approach that can offer the solution you have been searching for.

Located in Adelaide, we provide treatment for neck ache and neck pain sufferers and offers individualised treatment and care to help you rid yourself of pain for good.

Neck pain is very common with about one in 10 people having it at any given time. This comes as no surprise when we consider the activities of modern life, such as sitting in front of computers, watching prolonged periods of television and having an increasing incidence of poor posture, particularly forward head posture.

Problems within the neck can also cause headaches, shoulder pain, TMJ (pain and compromised movement of the jaw joint and the surrounding muscles), pins and needles in the hands, carpal tunnel syndrome and upper back pain.

We offer a thorough assessment with one of our trained, professional physiotherapists to get to the source of the problem that is causing neck pain. So, if you regularly experience any of the following, get in touch today:

  • Persistant neck ache first thing in the morning
  • Neck stiffness when reversing in the car
  • Clicking neck noise when turning
  • Constant aching neck muscles
  • Tingling in your hands or fingers


By far the most common cause of neck pain relates to the effects of poor posture. In order to understand the impact of poor posture, we must first consider why spinal alignment within the neck is so important.

Your head weighs about five kilograms and, in normal alignment, it is very carefully balanced on top of your seven neck bones (vertebrae). Your muscles work very hard to maintain this position. The problem arises when we assume awkward positions for prolonged periods. When we do things like stare straight ahead at a computer or TV screen or work in a situation where movement is limited, the fine balance is disturbed and the nerves, muscles, joints, ligaments and discs of your neck become strained and irritated. In fact, the tension in your neck and shoulder muscles doubles for every 2-3 centimetres your head is forward. Over time, the neck strain and pressure accumulates to a point where it becomes chronic and even the smallest changes in posture can cause significant effects. Coupled with the stresses and demands of modern life, it is no surprise that neck pain is so common.

Some other common causes of neck pain include whiplash, arthritis and sporting injuries. Posturepro Physiotherapy Adelaide can treat your neck pain and offer solutions to keep the pain at bay which may include physiotherapy or acupuncture.


Thankfully, Posturepro Physiotherapy in Adelaide offers a very effective treatment for neck pain. After conducting a complete history, orthopedic and neurological examination, your physiotherapist will recommend a course of treatment that aims to reduce pressure, restore movement and prevent recurrence. Typically, your physiotherapist will recommend the following:

  • Postural advice and how to avoid further strain
  • A series of spinal mobilisations to restore proper movement to the neck vertebrae
  • Massage to tight neck muscles
  • Neck exercises to encourage improved movement
  • Neck strengthening exercises
  • Heat/ice therapy to help manage your neck pain
  • A contoured pillow to provide correct support while sleeping.