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Back & Pelvic Pain Come from the Same Origin

Non-Specific Back Pain – What Is It?

One interpretation of Non-Specific Back Pain is that therapists really have no idea what is going on. That is where the SOAZ method comes in; it is able to dramatically improve these areas of pain without direct treatment on them!

SOAZ treats the root cause of pain


Innovative new method to reverse pain through movement first


  • Developer of the SOAZ Method
  • Physiotherapist
  • Ba Ed Primary SA University

Julie’s passion in preventive health was ignited during her teaching degree . She realised that many of the health problems we are facing today [still] like obesity heart disease bad eating choices can only be resolved by educating and offering better life style choices : and the younger we educate someone the better.

She took this same philosophy into her physiotherapy practice by educating and helping people understand WHY they have pain.

This proven method has delivered her clients long term pain resolution.

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“Julie’s SOAZ Method has freed me from my persisting neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches. What a difference!! I can’t thank her enough”

The Process

Our three step process is a simple yet revolutionary way of targeting pain in Remote areas of the body.

Movement, movement, movement – complete body movement is key to promoting a pain free life. The more you move, the longer you will live free from pain. At posturepro we know how to get you the best movement. We target the strategic muscles that enable your body to move well. This starts a process in the body that allows a reversal of pain and distortions. The posture realigns and pain starts to resolve. We believe in movement first – before pain will go. We cannot wait for you to experience whole body movement.

The New Movement

Great design is not just about the physical ~ it’s a feeling. Let us re-engineer your body

The Psoas major muscles exert a powerful 300+ kilogram force directly onto the low spine and discs causing an array of debilitating muscular and skeletal problems throughout the body.The SOAZ method is a revolutionary approach to treating this pain. This method has been developed by physiotherapist Julie Williams and is exclusive to Posturepro physio. This method targets the spine from the inside, treating the root cause of pain to promote better complete and long-term movement gains.

If you are tired of achieving only temporary relief, come and see Julie at Posturepro and have a full body movement check to achieve the best outcome

How we do it – How our services are different

SOAZ Treatment

Our postural approach targets the spine from the inside, with specific focus on the Psoas muscle as the most common cause of pain in the back, hip, groin, pelvis and legs.


Using our exclusive SOAZ method, our physiotherapists will help you achieve long term pain solutions over minimal sessions. We specialise in lower back pain, however can treat all joints.


As a means of encouraging the body’s natural healing processes, acupuncture targets key points to gently promote energy stimulation. It is effective for migraines, neck & shoulder pain and we use this as an adjunct to our treatment method.