A whiplash neck sprain occurs when your head is suddenly jolted backwards and forwards in a whip-like movement. This condition is often caused in car accidents where the car is hit from behind. The considerable force generated by this movement typically causes the neck to move far beyond its normal range of movement, which can cause damage to the delicate supporting structures of the neck. Whiplash is effectively a sprain of the joints in the neck. Physiotherapists refer to this as a “vertebral dysfunction”.

Whiplash can also be caused by sporting injuries that cause similar stress to the neck joints, ligaments, muscles and discs.

If you are suffering from neck pain and you are looking for an Adelaide physiotherapist to treat whiplash, get in touch with Posturepro Physiotherapy Adelaide to book an appointment at our clinic.


Whiplash neck sprains are common. About two in three people involved in car accidents develop neck pain (with or without other injuries). Sometimes people notice the instance of pain developing hours after the accident. It’s important to note that even minor car bumps can cause enough whipping of the neck to cause symptoms. Less commonly, whiplash can result from everyday mishaps such as jolting your neck when you trip or fall.


While the symptoms of whiplash will vary, the most frequently noticed effects of whiplash are as follows:

  • Pain in the neck
  • Your head feels too heavy for your neck
  • Neck stiffness or reduced movement
  • Pain in your shoulders and arms
  • Tingling in your arms and fingers
  • Dizziness, headaches, blurred vision and pain when swallowing
  • Irritability and trouble concentrating


Accessing physiotherapy to manage your whiplash can really help. At Posturepro Physiotherapy Adelaide, our team will perform a thorough assessment and examination to determine your history and work out the best treatment for you. Principal Physiotherapist Julie Williams will conduct an orthopaedic, neurological and spinal examination to determine the exact location of your neck pain. Diagnostic imaging such as Xray, CT,MRI and Posturepro scans may also be required to fully assess any damage.

Once assessed and diagnose, Julie will create a treatment to help reduce pain and inflammation and stabilise your neck to prevent further damage.

Once your pain has started to decrease and your stability is improving, your Posturepro physiotherapist will use massage to mobilise your spine to help improve your neck function and reduce nerve pressure.

We will also advise other methods to assist in the treatment of neck pain and whiplash, like avoiding poor neck posture during your daily routine and using a firm supporting contoured pillow when sleeping. We can also recommend a good mattress to use, as we are connected with Adelaide suppliers who are as dedicated as we are to helping you get a good, pain free night’s sleep.

If you have whiplash, it can be treated effectively with physio treatment.


Whiplash is a pain in the neck! Posture Pro Physiotherapy in Adelaide provides help for whiplash and whiplash neck sprain after a full assessment so get in touch to start your treatment today.