Posturepro Physiotherapy offer a range of services, including general physiotherapy, acupuncture and our exclusive SOAZ method.


  • Developer of the SOAZ Method

  • Physiotherapist

  • Ba Ed SA University

I was a Teacher in health studies before I went back to study Physiotherapy in Adelaide. I am the founder and developer of the Soaz Method and my Posturepro clinic is where I treat and have developed the Soaz method.

My passion about preventative health and helping my clients to get the best out of their bodies and live pain free grew during my teaching years. After graduating from physiotherapy I was working in a clinic treating men from the Holden car plant at Elizabeth in Adelaide’s north.

These men came in with chronic low back pain. We would treat them and then they would return not long after with the same back problem. I began to think I was a bad physio. Yet when I spoke to my senior physio’s about this they did not see this as a probem: they said oh that’s just the way it works.

This did not sit well with me. And it was at that point that I started to do other courses and look at what other research might be out there so I could help these men get a better outcome for their back pain.

It was in 2005 that I discovered the research that I did not even know existed. It was this research that started me on a journey that I am still on today.

it was this research that has lead me to change everything that I was taught and that I was trained to do. It was this research that has given my clients ongoing relief for their back pain.

This evolutionary method has given my clients back their life. This innovation has proven to have made profound, positive change for those I have treated. The groundbreaking Soaz Method is exclusive to Posturepro Physiotherapy Adelaide.


At Posturepro we treat a variety of conditions which include:

  • Back Pain
  • Headaches
  • Neck Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Foot and Knee Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Whiplash


Many talk about posture and know there are benefits to improving it, but they don’t really have a method of managing it. If your posture is not optimal, your spine can’t function optimally and it will cause you pain. Think of it like a car with bad alignment. This results in premature wear and tear on tyres and brakes.

When it comes to human bodies, the bad alignment affects the discs, nerves, ligaments and muscles close to the spine, and the result is pain. So, just treating a disc or a joint in isolation will not resolve the problem long term. While you may get some short term relief, the pain will eventually return to the level it was at because you have not addressed the alignment of your spine. Good alignment is reliant on a few basics that are so simple, yet very rarely addressed. At Posturepro Physiotherapy, you can rely on receiving a full assessment before getting advice and treatment to help you solve your pain issues for long term gain.


As a physiotherapist of twenty years, Julie Williams has used traditional approaches in the past with good results. But, compared with the postural approach she uses at Posturepro, the biggest difference she sees is the long term results and the understanding about why people have the pain. Good alignment of your spine is central to having a pain free back – without it you are forever returning to your physio with the same symptoms. Education is an essential part of your care at Posturepro Physiotherapy Adelaide and Julie is committed to giving you long-term solutions so you can live a life without pain and continue to enjoy doing all the things you love.


You are unique. Not only in your body type, but in your requirements for the right mattresses, pillows, and desk set up. As an holistic approach to your pain, you need to look at everything that impacts your posture. Most people with pain episodes think their pain came about by the last thing they did before the pain started, like lifting the shopping into the car, carrying one of the kids, or running. These are only episodes in a series of events from your day-to-day life that can bring on your pain.

At Posturepro Physiotherapy Adelaide, we understand bodies and will assess each one individually. Principal Physiotherapist Julie Williams is passionate about an holistic approach to your treatment, as well as making sure you are well equipped with knowledge of how your pain started and how it can be treated. She will work with you to find the best solution for your pain.


At Posturepro Physiotherapy Adelaide, we can advise on things like mattresses, pillows, chairs, and even a better bra. We do this because we know that, to get you and your body right and keep you that way, it means looking at more than just your pain symptoms.

We have allied with some of the best suppliers in Adelaide when it comes to posture care. Have you ever had the experience of trying to find a mattress you were happy with, then got it home and found it was nothing like it felt in the store? This can be frustrating and detrimental to your health. Your investment is huge and, of course, can’t exchange a mattress due to hygiene reasons. Posturepro work with people who can make this a great experience, so we can help to match you up with the right mattress for you.


Your feet form the foundation of your spine. You wouldn’t start to put up the walls of your house before you got a good, solid foundation, which is why Posturepro Physiotherapy Adelaide offers state of the art prescription orthotics. Rather than off the shelf, one size fits all orthotics, the Gait Scan Orthotic is a custom orthotic made from a strong, yet pliable material that is comfortable and supportive. We scan your feet to get your unique footprint that is exclusive to you alone. The benefits are: comfort and durability. Posturepro Physio cares about the whole self from head to toe, so get in touch today to find out the best solutions for living free from pain.


Our approach is not to treat the symptom it is to treat the Cause of your pain. As a qualified Physiotherapist I was trained to go to where the pain is and treat the pain. In Back pain most people would experience their pain in the Back and or Pelvis or Groin, and if the pain has been around a long time it could have even spread to the legs and feet. All of these pains are the result of something wrong somewhere else. Unless the Origin of your pain is addressed, you will only ever experience short term relief. Its like a Car where there is wear on one side of the tyres, so the tyre wears out [there] more quickly. So to keep changing the tyres without looking at the alignment of the car is pointless ( and costly ), not to mention dangerous.

Remember, the body is very good at Compensating. This means that where you are in pain, those muscle areas are too weak to do their normal job. What then happens is that surrounding muscles “pick up the slack” they then are doing not only their own job, but the job of the weaker muscle. What happens is that the painful area starts to feel a bit better because it is not having any demands made of it. However, if this pattern  continues the weak area stays weak ( even after the pain subsides) and so the next time you go to lift something or play sport or sit for too long , guess what? ,that weak area that has never been addressed becomes painful Again. and so the cycle goes.   The origin of your original pain has Never been addressed.

General Practitioners train in a whole range of body systems. Even though they know about the bones and the muscles and where they are in the body, they do not train in the Kinesthetics or function in a dynamic way. A lot of time my clients tell me that their Doctor did not even advise them to see a Physiotherapist, or any one else, they just kept giving them antiinflamatories and pain killers for their back pain. Also some [General Practitioners] discourage seeing anyone saying to their patients, “it’s just old age” . In other words, nothing can be done about your pain because pain is just to be expected at your age.

So as a trained Physiotherapist who comes across these attitudes from a lot of Doctors,They are not aware of Soaztherapy and I am now attempting to educate some of my referring G.P’s about the amazing results I am seeing.

Forces create Distortions in our Spines. Huge Forces create Scoliosis for instance, where the spine bends sideways and twists.These Forces are created through our Muscles. You see evidence of this every day in everything you are required to do. Getting up out of your bed. The muscles in your legs help you to stand and walk, picking up your shopping, the muscles in your arms create the force needed to do this. A woman in labour Huge contracting Forces of the muscles deliver the baby from the Mother’s womb. And when the baby is born another group of muscles help the baby cry and breathe.

Even using our bowels it is necessary to have these forces in place.Incontinence is the result of these forces not working as they should. So, given all of these forces called Muscles acting on our joints and ligaments, tendons and nerves that come in the pathway of these forces everyday, it is only logical that these same forces created distortions in your back and discs that then create pain. Soaztherapy addresses These Very Forces Direct.


2002, 2019

Golf Game Improves After Physio Treatment

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Golf Game Improves After Physio Treatment 54 year old male client came in with numbness and pins and needles into right leg for over 18 months and reported it getting worse – affecting his work. On assessing his body he had 50 – 80% restrictions in all joints, lumbar, neck, trunk, shoulders and hips [...]

2002, 2019

50 year old Tradesman – Came to us Wanting to get a Better Golf Swing

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50 year old Tradesman – Came to us Wanting to get a Better Golf Swing On His assessment, he reported a chronic lower back pain, neck and shoulder restrictions and pain for many years, which even after chiropractic intervention for many years he felt was getting worse with minimal relief. He was also [...]

2002, 2019

Ride Longer Distances After SOAZ Treatment

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Ride Longer Distances After SOAZ Treatment 50 year old male cyclist cycling since 2013 and rides for 3-4 hours, was finding that at the end of a ride he found it hard to walk, had tired legs and lower back pain. After the Soaz treatment he reports being able to ride much longer distances with NO pai [...]


“I went to see Julie at Posturepro with neck pain and lower back pain. Using her Soaz method and working on the psoas muscle, Julie completely erased my neck pain after just a couple of sessions and dramatically improved my lower back pain and flexibility, whilst never targeting those specific areas directly. I highly recommend Julie to help you with your pain and posture problems.”

“I visited Posturepro Physiotherapy with a long term hip problem and a more recent issue with my forearm. Julie has made such a difference. I’m close to being pain free and appreciate how much I have improved in a short period of time. Thank you Julie.”

“After Seeing Julie for back pain (which was gone within two days) I continued to see her as I had suffered a stroke five years before. My mobility has improved considerably and also my fitness has improved.”

“I have been receiving regular treatment and maintenance from Julie Williams for a few years now, and I absolutely know that her Soaz method keeps me living a painfree life without the lower back pain which had constantly nagged me. I appreciate the way Julie always checks and rechecks my movements, often noting significant improvement immediately after she has treated my Soaz muscles. I am indebted to Julie for the quality of life I continue to enjoy, which includes running, ballroom dancing and yoga.”

“I went to Julie with a “pulled calf muscle” from running. I didn’t realise that I had bigger problems with alignment that were easily treated. Now my sore calf is long forgotten, I am now able to run better than before and my posture has been improved. My ability to play the guitar has even improved as an unexpected consequence!”

“Brilliant treatment – simple and effective! Have had lasting results and better overall health along with pain relief and increased range of motion”

“After suffering from sciatica and upper back and shoulder pain for years I finally decided to try something different. Julie’s Soaz method has fixed both problems which is amazing and has given me levels of movement I didnt know I had. If you’ve got ongoing pain or restricted movement go to Posturepro. It will be the best thing you do. – Mark I”

“I was in a car accident and suffered extreme pain in my shoulders neck and back, since going to Posture Pro my pain has decreased and i have more mobility in my shoulders . i had been to several physiotherapy places with no real result. I would recommend posture pro to anyone suffering with MObility and pain . I also suffer with Vertigo and since Julie worked on me for that i have had no more episodes.”

“Posturepro techniques rectified my constant back pain which I have had years. Many thanks Julie.”

“Julie’s Soaz Method has freed me from my persisting neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches. What a difference!! I can’t thank her enough.”

“I visited Posturepro Physio with a longterm ( 20 year) recurring shoulder issue that had previously been treated at various times with cortisone injections, massage and traditional physio. Although all of these treatments provided some relief, they where only treating the symptoms NOT the real underlying problem. The Posturepro approach is to investigate the whole body and identify all of the underlying problems and to gather some baseline data on flexibility and movement ( or lack thereof!) and then commence treatment, including the SOAZ treatment. After three visits I had regained near 100% mobility in my shoulder – without any actual DIRECT treatment to the problem area – and significant reduction in associated pain & discomfort.
A few more sessions and diligence with the prescribed exercises should see this problem fully resolved!”

“After suffering shoulder pain for over 2 years and leg pain for nearly 3 mths and trying several methods decided to try Posture Pro. I am impressed with the motivation, skills and knowledge that this practice uses to help people like me overcome their pain whilst teaching us to maintain our muscular system to stay healthy. I am amazed within such a short time of 5 treatments that I am just about pain free. Finding the source of the problem and not just the immediate area is very important. Thank you for putting the smile back on my face.”

“I first went to Posturepro as I the pain I was experiencing was not improving under my regular physio, and the term “Soaz” reminded me of successful Bowen treatment I’d had in the past. Julie’s Soaz Method gave me much quicker relief than Bowen and has really got to the crux of my problems. I’m much straighter, my legs are now the same length, and I’ve lost the ‘restless legs’.”

“Our whole family has received treatment at Posturepro over the last year and all have shown a very positive improvement in problems they were having with neck, back and shoulder pain. My husband has had ongoing problems with back and shoulder pain for many years, since starting treatment at Posturepro he has had a 100% improvement and has also learnt exercises to help prevent the problem from re-occuring. We are all very happy the results of using the Soaz Method and would recommend this treatment to anyone that has recurring back problems.”

“Once they diagnosed my soaz condition, the physiotherapists at Posturepro were then determined to help me overcome the problem. Their expertise assisted me, by working in unison, to systematically improve my soaz. Once I started feeling healthier, it was quite obvious that the treatment was effective. I then believed that, with persistency, my condition would be gradually alleviated. It is comforting to realise that with the benefit of teamwork by the Posturepro therapists, I have had the ability to regain fitness and become stronger.”

“I contacted Posturepro because I was interested in the Soaz Method. I had often suspected that this area was the cause of my problems but no one else seemed to know how to treat it because “it’s so hard to get to”. Julie put the puzzle pieces together for me and treated a postural problem that I didn’t know I had. I now know how to look after myself and where to go if I run into any further problems.”

“Professional, skilled and friendly physiotherapists.”

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