The Soaz Body


This is What a Soaz Body Feels Like

The Soaz Body is a body that is well aligned has good posture and has great movement. unfortunately most people who I see when they come to me have none of these.

Many come in with back pain or hip and leg pain  and have lost their flexibility and movement. They don’t see the connection between their pain in their back and their bad posture. They don’t have the Soaz body.

So the first thing I need to do is fix their posture and flexibility. I do that with the Soaz method I have evolved over several years.

This is What a Soaz Body Feels Like

When the body has good posture and movement their back pain will organically heal the body will be flexible and their breathing will improve they will have more energy and be able to do things they have not been able to do for many years.

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Low back pain affects around 80% of the population globally and is treated more by musculoskeletal therapists  (Physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths) than any other single area of the body. It is also the area where patients continue to get repeat episodes throughout their life: despite having conventional treatment regimes.


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The below statement was what was written in our physiotherapy journal recently about low back pain that was taken from a world wide study over a two year period involving the best medical people on the planet on back pain.

“Low back pain is a major global burden that is getting worse as the population ages”

“it’s time for a change”

From this study there is a call to address this by changing the way we think about pain and treatment approaches.

We need to shift focus from passive therapies like interferential and ultrasound for which there is little evidence of effectiveness in low back pain.

I would also add mobilisations and manipulations.

As the developer of the Soaz method, I believe I have found a new approach because it does not just focus on Pain relief but also delivers better movement and balance to the body.

Check out the Video Link below, it shows how the Psoas Muscles affect our spine and posture.

This is what will keep the body in its optimal condition.

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