Why Do We Pathologize The Body Into Separate pain Areas and Diagnosises?Why Do We Pathologize The Body

Into Separate pain Areas and Diagnosise?

Western medicine has taken us down a road of specialization with regards to the body.

We are compartmentalizing the body into various pain areas, labeling these pain areas and diagnosing it as a ‘back problem’ or a ‘hip problem’ or a ‘shoulder problem’.

We are training our Therapists and General Practitioners to study these areas in Isolation – so we say about a Back that your discs are warn or you have an impinged nerve, or you have bony spurs in your knee or cartilage damage.

Then as Therapists we take on these diagnosis and start to treat where the local area of pain is.  These local approaches do not result in good outcomes as stated in the investigation into back pain over a 3 year period and published is the prestigious Lancet Journal and then published in our Physiotherapist Journal.

The conclusion that was reached about back pain is below;

“How back pain is a major global problem that is getting worse. [The Lancet] published a series of papers on the Global impact of low back pain that presents the challenges, Causes of low back pain, The evidence for the effectiveness of treating and a call for action and a worldwide collaboration for change.

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