What happened With This Knee?

In the last post I posed the question:    Who do you  listen to when your doctor tells you that your knee pain is arthritis and your physiotherapist is telling you that you have a cartilage problem?

When your doctor tells you that you have arthritis in the knee and you are taking anti-inflammatories for it

and you come in to see me your therapist that is treating you for something else

and you just happen to mention that your knee is sore after working out in the gym-

And my ‘physio’ brain lights up thinking this is not arthritis…….

When I tested the knee it came up positive for medial cartilage.

I asked would you like me to treat it they said it was too sore and went back to see their doctor again because they had been told it was arthritis.

Next time they came to see me about 5 days later they were limping even worse, the doctor had used a needle to drain out fluid and reduce the inflammation

But now apart from a very sore knee they also had a sore back which was compounded from their limping which was not getting better!

I said I can treat it if you wish and they said no at that stage they will wait and see what happens

But on the next visit they were still limping and so they let me treat their knee this time

On their following visit their knee was 80% better and they weren’t limping and they were very HAPPY!

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