The psoas muscle and back pain

The Psoas Muscle And Back Pain 

A woman who came to me recently has been having back pain for years:  She has had many traditional treatments but is no better. Why?

At Posturepro physiotherapy we do not treat the back pain area where you feel your pain because we understand that it’s not going to get rid of back pain.

What we do instead, is treat the structure ‘the Psoas Muscle’ that is causing the back pain.


One of my clients said to me recently after treating her Psoas muscle that it felt like getting your hair washed at the hairdressers.

She said it was so gentle and relaxing and felt wonderful. I laughed, then I started thinking about what she had said.

You see, when I first started working with the Psoas muscles, over twenty years ago I was trained to stick elbows into them to get into these very deep and tight muscles.

The people that we treated would come back bruised and did not want their Psoas muscle treated again.  So I started to look into how the Psoas could be treated without having to dig into it and cause bruising for people.

I found that over the years of treating the Psoas muscle, that the results were amazing and people would actually ask for their Psoas muscles to be treated.

Over these many years I have evolved the method for treating the Psoas muscles.

I don’t need to pummel, prod and pound on someones body to get the best results my clients have ever seen; and when I get feedback like that, it makes it all worthwhile.

The Soaz method I have developed, is gentle and yet dynamic and effective.  It’s Intelligent and it does not cause bruising!

Posturepro is the home of the Soaz Method

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