The Psoas muscles are the most overlooked muscles in our body for Back, Groin and Pelvic pain. As therapists we are trained to go to the area of pain to treat: this is a symptom of something else deeper in the body creating this pain. When my clients come in to see me they are usually only concerned about the area in their body that has been giving them a problem ongoing for a long time. They want me to treat their body in the way they have had it treated in the past (where their pain is). when I explain to them that that is only going to result in the same outcome and that their pain area is indicating a deeper problem in their body that is causing their pain and then show them why they have that pain they see the logic in this and are incredulous that no one else has ever treated them this way before.
The reason pain exists is because our posture is not well aligned this then starts causing friction in our body leading eventually to pain. The muscles that change our posture are the Psoas Major muscles deep within our pelvic cavity and unable to be accessed from the back of the body.
So to be free of pain we have to treat what is causing these postural changes: the Psoas muscles. Only by doing that first will the body become correctly aligned and stop the friction leading to better movement and a resolution of pain – ongoing.
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