One of my clients said to me recently after treating her that it felt like getting your hair washed at the hairdressers. She said it was so gentle and relaxing and felt wonderful. I laughed. And then I started thinking about what she had said.

I realised that what she was referring to was the previous therapies she had been having before coming to Posturepro physio.

I also use to treat people the same way, but comparing that to the Soaz method I have developed it’s gentle and yet dynamic and effective. It’s Intelligent.

I don’t need to pummel, prod and pound on someones body to get the best results my clients have ever seen: and when I get feedback like that it makes it all worthwhile.

This is a excerpt from a recent review by another client of mine.

Review:  Michelle Williams-Pearce

I can personally testify to the incredible & immediate benefits of this one of a kind Soaz treatment, which instantly changed decades of various spinal + body problems of walking with one leg shorter than the other. My leg length difference corrected in minutes, & my body realigned itself completely, balancing not only my spine directly, but easing pains & distortions all over! Incredible! I highly recommend this intelligent, incredible treatment invention that speaks for itself!:)