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How is your Soaztherapy approach different to any other physiotherapist or chiropractor?

Our approach is not to treat the symptom it is to treat the Cause of your pain. As a qualified Physiotherapist I was trained to go to where the pain is and treat the pain. In Back pain most people would experience their pain in the Back and or Pelvis or Groin, and if the pain has been around a long time it could have even spread to the legs and feet. All of these pains are the result of something wrong somewhere else. Unless the Origin of your pain is addressed, you will only ever experience short term relief. Its like a Car where there is wear on one side of the tyres, so the tyre wears out [there] more quickly. So to keep changing the tyres without looking at the alignment of the car is pointless ( and costly ), not to mention dangerous.

Remember, the body is very good at  Compensating. This means that where you are in pain, those muscle areas are too weak to do their normal job. What then happens is that surrounding muscles “pick up the slack” they then are doing not only their own job, but the job of the weaker muscle. What happens is that the painful area starts to feel a bit better because it is not having any demands made of it. However, if this pattern  continues the weak area stays weak ( even after the pain subsides) and so the next time you go to lift something or play sport or sit for too long , guess what? ,that weak area that has never been addressed becomes painful Again. and so the cycle goes.   The origin of your original pain has Never been addressed.

Why doesn’t my Doctor know about Soaztherapy?

General Practitioners train in a whole range of body systems. Even though they know about the bones and the muscles and where they are in the body, they do not train in the Kinesthetics or function in a dynamic way. A lot of time my clients tell me that their Doctor did not even advise them to see a Physiotherapist, or any one else, they just kept giving them antiinflamatories and pain killers for their back pain. Also some [General Practitioners] discourage seeing anyone saying to their patients, “it’s just old age” . In other words, nothing can be done about your pain because pain is just to be expected at your age.

So as a trained Physiotherapist who comes across these attitudes from a lot of Doctors,They are not aware of Soaztherapy and I am now attempting to educate some of my referring G.P’s about the amazing results I am seeing.

How Does Soaztherapy Work?

Forces create Distortions in our Spines. Huge Forces create Scoliosis for instance, where the spine bends sideways and twists.These Forces are created through our Muscles. You see evidence of this every day in everything you are required to do. Getting up out of your bed. The muscles in your legs help you to stand and walk, picking up your shopping, the muscles in your arms create the force needed to do this. A woman in labour Huge contracting Forces of the muscles deliver the baby from the Mother’s womb. And when the baby is born another group of muscles help the baby cry and breathe.

Even using our bowels it is necessary to have these forces in place. Incontinence is the result of these forces not working as they should. So, given all of these forces called Muscles acting on our joints and ligaments, tendons and nerves that come in the pathway of these forces everyday, it is only logical that these same forces created distortions in your back and discs that then create pain. Soaztherapy addresses These Very Forces Direct.

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