On Wednesday 22nd March, I was watching a Current Affair on channel 9 about two families suffering from chronic back pain and waiting for surgery that was not available to them in Queensland.

They needed to travel to France to see the specialist surgeon who was run out of town by the other surgeons because he was too good.

this has placed them in a financial dilemma: end up in a wheel chair or sell their house so they can pay to go to France and have the operation which would also require them to be there for four months after the operation for follow up care. To pay for that they had to sell their house.

I am horrified that our current approach to back pain has led these people down this path.

I see many people with back pain at all stages: acute, chronic and advanced with leg pain and I have been able to reverse their pain and symptoms with my approach: the Soaz method.

I believe that if people knew about the Psoas muscles impact over the spine (which leads to back pain) we would not have the situation above.

I would advise anyone with back pain to have their Psoas muscles treated (not just their back pain).

See the link below to the show.

A Current Affair – Back Pain Treatment Segment