Restoring My Clients to Normal LifeRestoring My Clients to Normal Life

“Low back pain is a major global problem that is getting worse as the population ages. In March 2018, The Lancet published a series of papers on the global impact of low back pain that presents the challenges and causes of low back pain, the evidence for effectiveness of treatments and a call for action and change in the way we treat it.     (You can read the full published article below)

LANCET ARTICLE low back pain

This research paper [below] shows the Psoas Major Muscle exerts huge compression and sheer forces on our low spine resulting in crumpling and severely shearing the lumbar spine.

Anatomy and biomechanics of psoas major

When the prestigious medical journal The Lancet publishes the results of a 3 year investigation into Low Back Pain and they publish it with the warning and recommend that what we are doing to treat back pain is not working then its time to sit up and listen.



How do I restore my clients from Limited Movement and Back Pain to Normal Lives?

The Soaz Method. I have been a physiotherapist for over twenty years running my own private practice, but before that my first placement when I graduated, was treating men from the Holden car manufacturing plant at Elizabeth in Adelaide. These men had chronic low back pain.

As therapists we would treat them but then they would return not long after with the same back problem.

This did not sit well with me, and when I broached this with my other physio peers they did not even see this as a problem. They just said  “that’s the way it works!”

So it was at that time that I started to look outside of the physiotherapy modalities I had been trained in to see if there was a better way to help these men.

I did many courses including going overseas to do acupuncture.  I studied  Bowen therapy, Reikki, Aromatherapy and many other modalities.  It was also at this time that I started to look into what research was out there.

It was in 2005 that I found the research that led me on a path to change everything I had been trained to do.  It was this research that started me on a journey that has led me to where I am today and the Soaz method.

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There are three points of difference with how I treat pain, to restore my clients to normal life

  •  I Look at the Body as a whole I do not compartmentalize the body
  •  I look inside the body to the structure that causes back pain
  •  I do not treat the back pain

My approach to all pain in the body is to first look at the alignment and posture and work on correcting this first.

When the body is well aligned and has good movement then pain should resolve.  Think of it like a car with bad alignment; the tyres keep wearing out and if you only keep having the tyres changed, then you must expect that the original pain will return.

So, If you are still suffering with back, hip or leg pain that keeps returning, I can show you how the method I use resolves pain.

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