Poor Posture and Foot problems

If you love your thongs but are not getting good foot support then we recommend our Archies thongs

Poor Posture and Foot problems!

One of the foot problems we see here in our clinic is Heel Spurs or Plantar Fascitis.

The symptoms of heel spurs

are when getting up in the morning and placing your foot onto the ground it creates a stretch on the tissue and the inside of the heel gets pulled and creates pain, or after walking for long periods on a hard surface.

Heel spurs can be caused by various activities but the main problem is poor footwear

or flat feet or wearing shoes without a good arch support.

One of the problems with flat feet is that the arch is flat and so the foot tends to fall inward and this results in walking onto the inside of the heel causes a ‘tugging’ onto the attachment of the Plantar Fascia of the foot.  Again this from poor posture.  Postural imbalance can cause flat feet: also start wear onto the hips.

This constant and repetitive tethering action starts damage on the attachment of the Fascia to the bone of the heel.

This can also lead to bony spurs and they are excruciating to walk on.

One of the best solutions for heel spurs and other foot problems is to make sure you have good arch support in your shoes.

This corrects the alignment of the foot and enables the heel sit in a better position decreasing the tugging effect.

This correct alignment is to do with postural alignment of the leg.

Posturepro have the solution to correcting posture and alignment.

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We stock Archies Thongs!

No wonder with the hot weather just around the corner being able to wear thongs is heaven for the feet.

However, the typical thongs made of rubber and with no arch support can cause problems for the feet: not to mention the ankles and lower leg.

Many foot problems come from years of  bad shoes or not enough support for the feet.

The Archie’s are a light weight memory foam and they are as light as a feather.

But the best part is the inbuilt arch support giving your feet the best comfort and aligning the foot correctly and also less of a ‘gripping’ action needed for the foot.

Come in and see our Archies and fall in love with them.

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