The upside of Back Pain is that it is there to warn you that something is not right. But there is a lot of confusion about Back Pain in the minds of many people as to how to get relief and even more confusing is Who to see.

Should I see a Chiropractor or a Physiotherpist or the many other therapists out there.

One of the questions I always get asked by my clients is. ” What is the difference between a Chiro and a Physio”

I like to answer by differentiating between both of them and Soaztherapy.

Soaztherapy is a totally 360 degree different approach to Back Pain, SIJ pain, Hip pain, Sciatic pain, Hip, Groin and Pelvic pain.

Soaztherapy looks at the symptom which IS Back Pain and treats what Causes Back Pain.It does not treat the Pain in the back.

I liken it to a car that has bad alignment. The result ( symptoms ) are premature wear and tear on the tyres and other structures. You cant just keep changing the tyres. this is foolish. You must get the alignment checked and correctedl.

In your body the alignment is your Posture.

If your Posture is not optimal then you will always be having pain.

at Posturepro we know how to get your ‘alignment’ to its optimal and stop your pain in the Back symptoms.

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