Laminectomy, Why it's Not the Remedy

Laminectomy – Why it’s Not the Remedy

Laminectomy for the low spine is deemed necessary when the deterioration in the spine is so bad that there is virtually no disc left and the nerves are compromised and so the Buffer (the disc) has gone!!

A Laminectomy is the spinal operation that attempts to “Shore up” that level of the spine by reinforcing it with steel girders either side of the disc.

The initial result is relief for the patient of constant pain – but the reality is that in many, this is only temporary.

Why?  Because the un-natural invasion of these steel struts into the spine creates a Rigid area that produces an engineering resistance to the spinal levels above it and below it.

To put it simply, the natural movement that should be happening in those other areas STOPS!

So the natural stimulation in those areas that nurtures and keeps the disc healthy also STOPS!

The result is the discs get dehydrated and start to dry up.

I have a patient I haven’t seen for years who has come back to me recently who had a laminectomy done about nine months ago.  He was good for several months but now his pain has returned into his back: he has numbness into both lower legs and feet: so he is now not able to do the original things he was doing.

The problem is that the scaffolding he has had put into his spine is now impacting the levels above and below it and they are not able to work effectively as they should.

So what is the outcome and suggestion from his surgeon – to go back and do more surgery for the other levels.

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