Knee Pain Treatment with SOAZ Method

Knee Pain Treatment – SOAZ Method

What Does Posture have to do with Knee pain?

Let’s talk about it in terms of the most common knee problems.

Knee pain is commonly diagnosed as either; cartilage, ligament or knee cap damage. This damage results in walking, running, squatting or climbing stairs issues.

The traditional approach to the knee problem as a therapist is to go direct to the knee and determine which of those structures is giving the pain and treat that area. Most times pain can be resolved over the course of treatment and then a strengthening regime is given.

However, the reasoning behind this method disregards the significance that body alignment plays in creating the knee problem. If spinal alignment is not assessed as part of the treatment, there is every chance the knee problem will continue to return and with more damage on each subsequent episode.

The approach at Posturepro is to firstly determine the postural influences that may be present and the impact that would have onto the knee. Particularly important to determine is if there is a leg length discrepancy.

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Why?  Because the knee is part of the leg and therefore every step we take on an unequal leg shifts the body weight towards the short leg creating more pressure to that knee, hip and lower back. This comes about by spinal distortion.

So when you think of how many steps we take every day or years, it is no wonder the knee structure becomes compromised and when you jump to take a ball, or run or do squats or lunges at the gym the knee is easily damaged. It is an accident waiting to happen.

The solution is to realign the spine and correct the leg length and then educate you on how to prevent the problem from returning.

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Here at Posturepro we have the experience and the ability to achieve this result for you.

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