Physiotherapy Adelaide

Case Study:   Middle aged woman came to see me recently she was having excruciating pain into her leg that was constant over the last 4 weeks.

On her first visit she was anxious and worried because she had just started a new job and was feeling the pain constantly.

I asked her if she also had low back pain and her response was well yes but I don’t feel that only the leg pain. She had been having low back pain for 30 years and saw physiotherapy and had massage when she needed to. She did not see the connection with the leg pain and the back pain: this is quite common.

I explained to her that the leg pain is the same as the back pain only it is now getting worse because the cause of the back pain has never been treated at the source.

I then checked her movements and her alignment: she had 80% of all body movements restricted.

I explained that until her body moves well she will continue to have pain.

she started to cry.

She now has full body movement great alignment of her posture and is now on the road to being able to resolve her pain long term.