Irritable Bowel Better after Soaztherapy

“I went to Posturepro for my lower back pain – acute pain sitting and trying to stand. I have had this for over 20 years and had to stop gym because of it. For the first time in years I feel I will get to a point where my back will not keep ‘going out’ since Soaztherapy I am now back at the gym five months and I feel my back muscles have strengthered. However, one of the side effects from the treatment has been an improvement in another problem of mine which is Irritable Bowel which I have also had for many years.

I have suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for many years and take the medication my G.P has recommended ( Colofac ). Since going to Posturepro and being treated with Soaztherapy the attacks have decreased to the point that if I get the pain it isnt as intense and its not the same continual pain and it settles of its own accord. I dont take the Colofac medication at all now .”

H. Heresztyn, Ridleyton S.A.
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