Often I get asked about my background in Physiotherapy with new patients so I thought I would drop some basic details below outlining who I am and how I’ll be able to help you out best.

As the owner of Posturepro Physiotherapy and being in the industry for many years now, my experience and knowledge has you in very safe hands.

I studied BaEd majoring in Health as my major then went on to do Physiotherapy at Adelaide University.  I soon went to the USA and worked out of the prestigious North East Regional Medical University for Osteopathy for 2 years.

When I first started physiotherapy after graduating from university I was working in a Clinic at the Holden car manufacturing plant at Elizabeth in Adelaide.  Most had chronic back pain and to my dismay these men kept returning with the same back pain on a regular basis.  A very frustrating  to see for a new  physiotherapist

I started to question myself as a physio?  I began to think I wasn’t a good physio.. but then I realised that all of my colleagues and other physios in the industry were also getting the same results, but they didn’t seem to be concerned…

This started me on a journey to find a better way to treat back pain.  The journey has led me here today to the method I now use exclusively in my clinic: The Soaz Method.  It’s this method that has got me amazing reviews and delivered my clients new hope that has seen them not only resolve their back pain but have increased movement and greater happiness in their lives.

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