How Does Posture Affect Your Mood?

Studies show poor posture is a major cause of back pain, neck and headache pain for all age groups

Poor posture also affects our breathing, digestion and our Cardio Pulmonary system (our heart and lungs)

So if we are always in PAIN and can’t do our normal daily activities without pain, this is going to affect our mood

Your posture is the accumulation of your life habits and your daily repetitive activities.

What do we do a lot of?  Sitting.  Most of us are sitting between 80-90% of our day.

We drive to work, then we will sit at a desk all day – we then drive home where we will sit and watch TV, do work at a computer or sit and engage in social media or playing video games.

Your posture is how the world sees you and so having a strong posture and good movement is vital

as we age to present a strong and vital image.

Movement is what the body is designed to do – Good movement, posture and balance are the first principles of having a body that is without restriction and PAIN

and allows us to feel younger, more alive and have a positive outlook on life.

Our happy hormones (our endorphins) are released when we are active and moving well.

These hormones promote our zen mood – the mood that sends out a positive feeling of well being and calm

So how do you achieve your best posture and movement?  The Soaz method is the way to get great posture

and restore your movement all over your body.

This is the method that has allowed people with restricted movement and pain to regain full movement and stop their pain.

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