Get the Best Posture For Your KidsHelp your kids get the best approach to back or posture issues

At my clinic we focus on Posture and alignment as our top priority. 

This 3-year study into back pain across the globe published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet reports that our current treatments for back pain are lacking in evidence of effectiveness. See article below


This research paper [below] shows how the Psoas Major Muscle exerts huge compression and sheer forces on our low spine resulting in crumpling and severely shearing the lumbar spine.


Today we see primary school and high school children preferring to sit even outside of school

because the younger generation are so heavily connected to their mobile devices, even when they are at home they are very likely sitting playing games or on their computers and also, more information is received via the digital platforms than ever before.

We can’t stop progress, but there is a preventive solution that we have been practicing here at Posturepro physiotherapy for many years.

The Soaz Method targets the muscles that cause compression and damage to the back.

Because, if your posture is not good then your spinal alignment is also not good.

So just treating a back or a neck or a shoulder that is having pain is like patching up cracks in the wall of a house that has bad foundations.

We get into the foundations of the body and work with the Psoas muscles that are responsible for the huge crumpling and distorting forces from our constant sitting.

As a Primary school teacher, before I became a physiotherapist, I witnessed the most terrible chairs that the kids had to sit in.

These were all standard issue so there was no way they had a choice. Even today it is possibly still the same.

From way back, we are producing a generation of children with potential for bad posture leading to back and spinal problems.

So unless you can find a way to stop them sitting or to encourage them to sit properly, then the best way is to help them understand the mechanism behind how the body gets bad alignment.

When the psoas muscles that are huge and sit at the base of our spine start to compress, they start a cascade of events happening throughout our spine and all of the joints that attach to our spine. Like our hips and shoulders. These are the muscles that start the process and yet they are not even being treated.

At Posturepro physiotherapy I will educate you and your child on how their daily activities are contributing to bad posture and then show them how they can start to reverse the process.

Check out our video that shows how the Psoas muscle damages our low back and changes our Posture.

Click here – 3D video

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