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Rafael Nadal injures his Psoas Muscle

Rafael injured his Psoas major muscle and had to pull out of the Australian Open. This is the muscle that is constantly under compression forces just from the sitting positions we are all in from the time we are childred. we go to school and we sit we go to work and we sit and… Read more »

Risks of Sitting for Back pain and Posture

Research has linked sitting for long periods with a number of health problems, including back and hip pain groin pain, obesity and a cluster of conditions that includes increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels. Too much sitting also seems to increase the risk of death… Read more »

Knee Pain Treatment with SOAZ Method

What Does Posture have to do with Knee pain? Let’s talk about it in terms of the most common knee problems. Knee pain is commonly diagnosed as either: cartilage, ligament or knee cap damage. This damage results in walking, running, squatting or climbing stairs issues. The traditional approach to the knee problem as a therapist… Read more »

Non Surgical Spinal Decompression for Back Pain

Back pain is the result of a compressed and tight muscle that sits directly onto our spine. These muscles are our walking muscles. They are constantly under compression from sitting. Over time the muscles take on a shortened position and by doing this they compress the spine, discs and nerves in the low back particularly…. Read more »

Leg Length and Why It’s Important to Spinal Health

A short leg is an indication of a distorted pelvis – and because your spine sits on top of the pelvis the spine also  becomes compromised – so unless you have a short leg because of a loss of length in your leg bones due to a very bad accident or you have a genetic… Read more »

What Mattress to Choose?

I often get asked about what mattress is the best to buy – I think the well known brands have to be competitive and so would be very similar in the make up of the mattress – However one of the main considerations on mattresses today is the bulk the depth and the weight of… Read more »

Chronic Constipation Relief from SOAZ Therapy

For twenty years at least I have suffered with pain in my lower back and appendix area and also Chronic Constipation issues. This hindered any stretching, reaching, squatting and sitting activities. The ongoing dull ache around the appendix area at times increased on a pain scale to a nine out of ten. Many and varied… Read more »

Physiotherapy Greenacres: Pregnancy Pain In Groin

The second trimester of pregnancy can bring with it sharp low abdominal and groin pain brought on by the round ligaments of the uterus. These ligaments are thick ropey and help to support the Uterus as the foetus grows. So they are stretching as the baby grows to accomodate this growth. As the ligaments stretch… Read more »

What About Stretching?

I have been trained to use stretches and have been a fan for most of my Physio life. Current research however disputes the efficacy of the humble stretch. The latest research suggests that the controlled groups of pre exercise stretching versus the pre exercise no stretching groups having no difference in the post exercise injury… Read more »

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Physio Treatment

Irritable Bowel 75% Better after Soaztherapy “I went to Posturepro for my lower back pain – acute pain sitting and trying to stand. I have had this for over 20 years and had to stop gym because of it. For the first time in years I feel I will get to a point where my… Read more »

The Soaz and The Core

Strengthening the Abdominals Alone Wont work If you only work at the “Core” as its commonly called (which is your deep abdominal muscles) and ignore the deepest core muscles (your Soaz ) muscles, then you will forever have to work on your abdominals because alone the abdominals cant work without the Soaz working in harmony… Read more »

Back Pain – The SOAZ and The Core

Core Needs Soaz To Work Effectively More on the Core and The Soaz and how they depend on each other to get you the Best result for you Back and Pelvic pain. As a Physiotherapist, I have always prescribed Core work and still do. What I no longer do is give Core exercises to someone… Read more »

SOAZ Treatment for Back Pain and Incontinence

What do these have in common? Stress Incontinence is a condition that affects many women after childbirth. The Pelvic “Sling” which has become stretched and weak no longer has the same ability to support the bladder and bowel as it did prior to giving birth. So when you lift things like shopping bags or your… Read more »

Causes of Shoulder Pain in Women

Why do Women get shoulder pain? As a Physiotherapist of twenty years, I am always amazed that women with shoulder pain have no idea how they got it. On questioning them about their activities and things like what sports they are involved in there doesnt seem to be any convincing reason Why they have this… Read more »

Pain In The Back – Physiotherapy Treatment

The upside of Back Pain is that it is there to warn you that something is not right. But there is a lot of confusion about Back Pain in the minds of many people as to how to get relief and even more confusing is Who to see. Should I see a Chiropractor or a… Read more »

Restless Leg Syndrome – Physiotherapy Treatment

No known cause, no known cure in the medical literature What is the Cause of this insidious debilitating condition. I have done some reading up on this condition that seems to plague its victims mainly in the early hours of the morning preventing sleep night after night so that sleep becomes an elusive quest. From… Read more »

Physio Treatment – Back Pain and Sciatica Treatment

or eggs and bacon. but bacon doesnt come from plastic bags and eggs dont come from cardboard boxes. What is the connection between back pain and sciatica?. Well as a physiotherapist I know that the spinal nerves that exit out of our spine are surrounded by many other structures that can deteriorate and start to… Read more »

Why Does My Back Hurt When I Stand Up?

When You sit your postural muscles shorten. Then when you stand up they unwind too quickly and like a spring they release very quickly and come to a point where they cannot unwind any more. This limit of movement into a backward or extended position continues to repeat everytime we go to stand up. Eventually… Read more »

Why Does My Back Still Hurt?

When I Have Tried So Many Different Things! This would be the most asked question I get in my clinic from New People who come to me with persistent Low Back Pain. They tell me about all the various treatment approaches they have tried and some lasting longer than others but eventually their Back pain… Read more »