Catastrophization of Back Pain, the MRI Results!!

Catastrophization of Back Pain:  MRI Results!

Let’s put back pain into some perspective.

By the time you start getting back pain, your posture has already been compromised!

So repetitively treating your back pain ad-nauseum will not resolve your back pain.

In fact, if you only keep having your back pain area treated you can be sure of one thing

your back pain will continually keep coming back and it will increase in intensity and restrict your movements in your body going forward.

So at some point in this process your GP may recommend that you have a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan done of your back – this is quite common.

Most MRI scans will show degenerated discs around lumbar 4 & 5 levels, decreased disc space and even some bony degeneration – these are also quite common.

Then the MRI the report will be sent on to your GP and they will go over with you what the report has found.

Invariably, the report is going to tell you everything that was found and the deterioration of your low spine.

So now when you hear this you are going to be even more concerned about your back pain and whether it will ever get better because your  GP has confirmed this  degeneration.

Now you not only have the pain but you now have confirmation about the physical damage in your back  and so now you feel there is no hope!

The MRI has become like a self full-filling prophecy for you

you now begin to see the future through the lens of the MRI. Your possibly imagining  a back operation as your only hope with lots of rehabilitation that will need to be done after that operation. Your thinking how that is going to affect your ability to continue working and having a normal life.

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