Shoulder Pain 20 years

Woman with only half shoulder movement for over 20 years (an old Workcover injury) after 3 sessions has full shoulder movement

A recent referral to our clinic was a woman in her mid 40′s.  She reported right sided back pain that had been hanging around for about 3 months.

Other health practitioners she had seen had given short term relief only.

On examination it was also discovered that she was also only able to raise her shoulders to half way.

Her hamstrings length was also an issue only being able to raise these about 10″ off the floor. Her comment about her shoulders was “Oh don’t worry about those, they are an old Workcover injury  I’ve had them for over 20 years and seen many specialists and therapists and had cortisone”.  In 3 visits she has gained relief for her back pain and achieved full shoulder movement and hamstrings flexibility.

No direct treatment was done on her shoulders.

The outstanding results gained here for this woman are commonplace at our clinic

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posturepro greenacres shoulder pain before



posturepro greenacres shoulder pain after