I had been visiting Physios and chiros for years with no ongoing relief

Woman aged 55 active in professional golf came to us in April 2012 with low back and hip pain ongoing for many months and only short term relief from other therapists. She reported that when she visited our website she was impressed at how we approach back pain and said that she felt that it was describing her syptoms exactly. On her postural exam her movements in all areas of her body were grossly restricted and her thorax was limiting her ability to rotate her trunk during upswing in golf. After just one session her movement and pain level improved by 50%. she mentioned that she particularly noticed more flexibility in her day to day activities but also particularly that her golf game suddenly improved Another improvement was the awareness of her posture which she said no one had even looked at. Since that she has now learnt to move and stand correctly. Her comment was: Now that my movement patterns have improved I am expecting to improve even more.