Cancer Misdiagnosed Turns out to be ‘Soaz’ Muscle Ulceration.

The ABC 7.30 Report 23/6/2009

In 2002 Cary Symons was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) – a slow developing disease which often requires no treatment. Two years after she became ill, Cary was told by Dr Dodds from St Vincent Hospital that he believed the CLL had transformed into a deadly cancer so she went on to have chemotherapy. Two years after her treatment she went to the Peter MacCallum Centre in Melbourne where she was told she couldn’t possibly have had the deadly cancer she was treated for.

This case study relates a misdiagnosis of a deadly cancer that was later discovered to be an ulcerated muscle. The ‘Soaz’ Mucle.

Carey Symons was treated for an aggressive deadly lymphoma she never had. This treatment is now the subject of a medical negligence case that Cary Symons has brought against her doctor and his hospital.

After several years of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and being told there was nothing more to be done Cary Symons prepared to die. But as the months passed, she wondered why this aggressive cancer that had defied treatment had not yet claimed her life. Eventually, on the recommendation of a friend, she went to the Peter McCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, where she was seen by Associate Professor John Seymour. What followed was extraordinary.

Cary was told by Associate Professor Seymour ( from the Cancer Centre ) that she could not possibly have had this aggressive deadly cancer or , ” it’s impossible, you wouldn’t even have lasted six months” and this was now a couple of years later.

In a subsequent letter in December 2006, Associate Professor Seymour wrote ” … the natural history of her process ….is not consistent with large cell transformation of her CLL and I very strongly suspect that the true nature of the process that of a psoas (Soaz) abscess….. the patient’s prognosis is not that of a terminal illness.