Migraine headaches are treatable with the Soaz method

Back pain and migraine are connected








Back Pain & Migraines are Connected

Do you know that when you DO NOT have good posture, everything in your body, all your joints, muscles and nerves can not work optimally as they should.

Back Pain and Headaches are connected along our kinetic chain.  Think of the kinetic chain like a machine that is working with all its different parts synchronized and well oiled working in harmony – like a car.

If the alignment in the car is out what happens to the car?  The tyres start prematurely wearing out, the steering keeps pulling out of its centre position and the friction causes deterioration to the whole machine.  Just getting the tyres changed is not only foolish, but it continues to damage the car.

Just like the car, our bodies need to have optimal alignment so our machine (our body) can work optimally and without friction on our joints and muscles and nerves.

So back pain and migraine headaches are the result of bad spinal alignment causing curvature of the spine and distortions in our vertebral alignment.


“I found out about the SOAZ method after searching online for a new physiotherapist to treat my recurrent migraines and associated neck pain.  I have found the whole experience with Julie to be amazing – not only has she treated my headaches – my whole body has improved dramatically!  By using the SOAZ method I can now turn my head round properly, easily touch my toes without bending at the knee and have overall increased ease of movement and mobility all over.  What a difference this has made to my life as a Mum of an active toddler!   My posture is also much better, I can stand up straight with my shoulders back and no longer feel as hunched over and stiff.  Julie explained the science behind the method and talked me through the process at my treatments which really helped me understand how my body was responding and changing.  I’m so thankful I found Julie and tried the SOAZ method.  I’d highly recommend it over and over again!”  A.Crameri – Adelaide

So if you want to get rid of Back Pain or Headaches, here at Posturepro Physiotherapy we have the Solution.

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