exercise and back painBack Pain is a Symptom of Bad Posture

Back Pain is a Symptom of Bad Posture

So what Exactly is Posture?

Think of it as the bio mechanics of your body, your spine, your joints, your muscles and nerves, all working in harmony and balance without distortions or friction.

It is When the Body is not Balanced that Distortions and Restrictions in Movement Occur

leading to PAIN.

To use an Analogy – Think of a Car with Bad Alignment

Over time the tyres start to wear, the steering starts to pull and that leads to other areas of the car malfunctioning – these areas now start to break down and so the car is not working in an optimal way and will need to have expensive repairs, unless these issues are addressed so that is why Back Pain is a Symptom of Bad Posture

So What is it That Causes our Posture to Change?  It is our Postural Muscles –

They are placed onto the lower area of our spine and they exert huge distorting forces that start a chain reaction event onto the spine, discs and joints in close proximity – so powerful are they, that they can blow out the discs in the low spine, leading to back pain.

But Why does this Happen?

Our postural muscles are constantly in a state of compression, due to our habitual sitting.  This starts from when we are babies sitting in high chairs, and continues throughout our school years, then working or university and it carries through to our sitting at home watching TV or working at our computers or laptops or gaming.

So these huge Postural Muscles don’t really have a chance to open up and allow them to be stretched out.  Even with a good Ergonomic chair with a lumbar support, these muscles are still 80% compressed.

So what is the Answer?

The best way to reverse the compression on these postural muscles is to treat them and enable them to open up and become fluid and light again.

At Posturepro, we are the Specialists in these Postural Muscles.  We have the skills and Techniques to get them opened up and fluid – our method – the Soaz Method – has the results to prove it.

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