What do these areas have in common: The Psoas muscle.

Our Psoas muscle compresses over our low spine discs and nerves that service the hip back and groin areas of our body.

The common denominator for pain in these areas is the Psoas muscle.

So why are we treating the back, the hip and the groin instead of the structure that is causing the pain in these areas?

The Psoas muscles are under huge compression and shearing forces while we are sitting and have adapted to become short and unresponsive over our life.

Back pain in particular continues to be one of the hardest problematic areas for musculoskeletal therapists to conquer. The statistics show us that we are not winning the war on back pain with conventional methodologies of treatment.

The soaz method has proven to be effective in treating these areas and with support in the correct areas ongoing results can be realised.

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