1 in 5 back pain procedures fail

1 in 5 Back Procedures Fail

I think those statistics are conservative and in fact 1 in 2 back pain operations fail –

and of the ones that seem to have worked, the pain may have decreased to a tolerable level but that is only one aspect of a back pain intervention.

Movement is a huge factor in determining if a procedure has been successful

because even if your pain has decreased, if you cannot move well and do the activities you once did, then to me the procedure has failed!

In fact, 1 in 5 patients return for another operation.

Typically, second, third and fourth attempts have an even lower chance of success and patients continue to require pain killers over the long term.

Even the procedures that surgeons deem successful based on the bones fusing and that look good on a scan, are unhelpful to patients.

In one study, two years after spinal fusions, patients pain had barely been reduced by half, and most patients continued to need pain killers.

So given such unimpressive outcomes, the cost of treating back pain is unacceptably high.

The other problem about back surgery is that all surgeries carry risks. Then there is the rehabilitation phase after surgery, this can take up to three months where you will not only be not able to work therefore affecting your income and the other thing is will your boss consider you too big a risk to even want you back.

So apart from the risk of the surgery you will also have the loss of income and potentially not ever working again at your normal job.

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