Back Pain Greenacres

We get a warning or an indicator  of impending onset of back pain but because we dont see the connection we ignore it until it’s too late.

So by the time we get back pain we are usually in so much pain and discomfort affecting our ability to work  walk sit and do anything at all much that our overriding concern is to get relief Fast!  and stop the pain so we can get back to a normal life.

So the normal sequi is to maybe see a G.P. get started on some pain killers or antiinflamatories  perhaps see a musculoskeletal therapist to treat the back where the pain is maybe start an exercise regime and of course stop the aggravating activity. Most times that means don’t sit.

After a few weeks ( if you are lucky) the pain starts to reduce and you feel a lot better: so you believe that this has worked and now you can go back to a normal life again.

Most people have a repeat or on going low back pain. The same pain usually the same side returns when you least expect it. So you return for the same treatment again. Because that got it better before: right.

Or did it just get the symptom ( the pain ) better and the original cause of the pain is still untreated.

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