If you are experiencing Headaches or Neck Pain, then maybe you need to look at your Neck Posture in bed

There are two positions to avoid:

The worst is laying on your stomach with your neck twisted to the side – this position winds up your neck joints putting pressure on the nerves in your neck.

This position can lead to Neck issues  headaches and even pins and needles into your arms and fingers

The other position is side lying with a pillow that is too low or does not support your neck at all this is also going to lead to over-stretching the joints and ligaments of the neck.

The sleeping posture in your neck should be with the neck joints in neutral with good support in the side lying position.

With a good Posture pillow there is good support in the side lying position and back lying position.

The posture is well supported on the neck leading to better sleep and less chance of damage to the joints and nerves in the neck.

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