Do you Still have Ongoing Back Pain?ongoing back pain

The question to be answered is if you do still continue to get your back pain after multiple and various treatments from across a variety of methods and modalities and you are in fact getting worse with your back pain then, why are you still getting these treatments?

This 3-year study into back pain across the globe published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet reports that our current treatments for back pain are lacking in evidence of effectiveness. See article below


This research paper [below] shows how the Psoas Major Muscle exerts huge compression and sheer forces on our low spine resulting in crumpling and severely shearing the lumbar spine.


When I was trained as a physiotherapist I was so eager to get out and get everybody better. I was so sure I could cure everyone and that they would be free of pain. Well that dream soon vanished when I started my first placement treating men from the Holden car plant at Elizabeth in Adelaide.

These Men From Holden Had Chronic Low Back Pain

We would treat them and then they would return with the same ongoing back pain not long after: sometimes within just a couple of weeks. I began to think I was a bad physio and I couldn’t see what else I could do. I was applying everything I had been taught to do and when I spoke to the other therapists they just said oh that’s the result we all get they never really get better.

This just did not sit well with me I wanted to get these men better

And many years and lots of courses and research is how I found the answer that I have evolved and use exclusively in my clinic Posturepro physiotherapy.

See the video link below

3D video

Take this check list:

  • Back pain keeps returning
  • Hard to get up from sitting
  • Buttock or Leg pain starting
  • Tingling going down the leg
  • Hard to bend forward or arch
  • Can’t join in with your kids sports
  • Feeling like you’re letting everyone down
  • Even though you have it treated it still comes back
  • Your movement has gradually become worse

These signs and symptoms are indicators that what is Causing your back pain has not been addressed.

The method that we use at Posturepro physiotherapy treats the Cause, and the Results speak for themselves.

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