Migraine Headaches and Bad Posture

Migraine Headaches and Bad Posture

How are they connected?

If I use the analogy of a house with bad alignment or bad foundations, that leads to cracks in the walls and windows jamming – and you just keep patching up the cracks and shaving the windows

What needs to be done is the foundations need to be fixed.

It’s the same with Migraine headaches; just treating your cervical spine (your neck) and massaging the neck muscles may get some short term relief from your Migraines

but without changing the Posture and the Foundations in the Body, and getting a better Postural Alignment in your spine and neck, the Migraines will continue.

Look, if you are putting up with Migraine headaches that limit your life and you feel a constant dark cloud hanging over you, and you need to keep taking pain killers that maybe don’t work as well as they used to,

Then I want to offer you Hope; and tell you about a Proven Method I use in my Physiotherapy Clinic that achieves optimal posture and alignment that changes your neck position.

The method I have developed starts with getting your posture aligned and when we have that, our neck position and our upper back sit in a more aligned and correct position.

Having a better aligned spine takes the compression off of the spine and nerves and allows the nerves to work in a more effective way.

Just getting better posture is only the first step in this process.  Once you have achieved good posture you have to maintain that posture.

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