Headaches predominantly are caused from bad postural alignment of the spine.

The spine forces the neck and head into a forward position, moving the centre of gravity forward – the postural muscles change the spine from the pelvis and this change, then changes the upper spine.

The result is that this forward head position creates a need for the muscles in the back of our neck to have to work very hard to pull our head into a backward orientation.  This constant repetitive need on these muscles means they are working overtime to try and correct the forward pull from gravity.

Therefore, headaches are a secondary cause brought about by our postural muscles (the Psoas muscles) being tight and forcing us to have an inward curve in our low spine – resulting in an outward curve further up the spine.

So to resolve headache and neck pain, come and see us and have your posture changed first to achieve the best results

The Soaz method has treated many headaches and neck problems by sorting out the posture first