Core Muscles and Back Pain

This 3-year study into back pain across the globe published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet reports that our current treatments for back pain are lacking in evidence of effectiveness. See article below

LANCET ARTICLE low back pain

This research paper [below] shows how the Psoas Major Muscle exerts huge compression and sheer forces on our low spine resulting in crumpling and severely shearing the lumbar spine.

Anatomy and biomechanics of psoas major

Why you need to look after and Love your Psoas muscles!

Your ‘core’ is a group of small muscles made up of the Multifidus and your Transversus Abdominus muscles. These muscles are usually weak and they do not pull their own weight.  So your huge Psoas muscle has to pick up the slack for these muscles and take on not only its own job, but the job of these as well.

The Psoas Muscles are required to do the work of your Core muscles

Your core is a group of muscles that alone cannot get you a better Back in spite of all the Pilates classes and Reformers, because it is not the core muscles that cause your low back pain. In fact these are only a minor part of the whole biomechanics of your spine and they are not alone going to get your back pain better.

The Psoas Muscles Create Huge Compression Forces Over Our Low Spine

The most strategically placed and most significant muscles that sit directly onto your low spine are your Psoas Muscles. It is our constant sitting positions that cause these muscles to become compressed and create huge forces to be placed over our low spine leading to blown out discs and nerve damage.

If you concentrate on strengthening only your core muscles then you are neglecting the most important and Huge group of muscles: The PSOAS

As a physiotherapist I have always prescribed core work and still do. What I no longer do is give core exercises until they have a responsive Psoas muscle.

The reason for this is that the Core muscles working alone over powers the Psoas and because the Psoas is already very tight and compressed then the result is like a concrete sandwich which will affect your back leading to pain.

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