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Sacrificing your house for back pain

  On Wednesday 22nd March, I was watching a Current Affair on channel 9 about two families suffering from chronic back pain and waiting for surgery that was not available to them in Queensland. They needed to travel to France to see the specialist surgeon who was run out of town by the other surgeons… Read more »

Ride Longer Distances After SOAZ Physio Treatment

50 yo male cyclist cycling since 2013 rides for 3-4 hours  was finding that at the end of a ride he found it hard to walk  had tired legs and lower back pain. After the Soaz treatment he reports being able to ride much longer distances with No pain His legs have more strength and… Read more »

Physio Treatment Results – Improving Running Performance

38 yo female runner –  reported groin pain that she was experiencing while training for an upcoming marathon She said she did the same marathon last year and had to stop because of her groin pain. She had been having traditional physiotherapy after that for it but the results were only temporary. She was also… Read more »

Golf Game Improves After Physio Treatment

54 year old male client came in with numbness and pins and needles into right leg for over 18months and reported it getting worse – affecting his work. On assessing his body he had 50 – 80% restrictions in all joints lumbar, neck, trunk, shoulders and hips. He also had a large leg length discrepancy…. Read more »

Case Study: Urinary Tract Issue Settles after SOAZ Treatment

Bladder function restored to complete normality Male in sixties post laser surgery to clear a urinary tract restriction was still regularly experiencing sudden desperate need to urinate. After one Soaz treatment his bladder function has been restored and the sudden urgency to urinate has gone. His bladder has remained stable 10 weeks after that one… Read more »

Case Study: Back, Neck and Head Treatment using SOAZ Method

After 10 long years visiting therapist after therapist with no sustainable pain relief – After only 3 visits to Posturepro he is 70-80% better This man came to us almost at the end of his tether with Back, neck pain and headaches: He reported that he had been seeing many traditional therapists over the last… Read more »

Case Study: Back Pain Physio Treatment

Not able to sleep because of pain and getting up about 5am every morning because of her mid back pain this lady was to the point of giving up hope of getting help. She was also getting inside knee pain and groin pain on climbing stairs at work. On examination she showed very limited low… Read more »

Case Study: Back Pain Physio Treatment for Sportspeople

Soaz Therapy for Back and Leg Pain in Greenacres 15 Years 70% improvement after 4 visits! A male aged 82 came to us on 10/10/11 with back and leg pains that had become so excruciating at night he could not sleep. He had had an operation (laminectomy) on his back two years before. He told… Read more »

Case Study: Back Pain Prevented Sport

32 year old primary school teacher came to see us on 17/1/12 with constant pain into his low back, neck and front of his chest for over 12 months. His pain interfered with his work and sleep and had prevented him from playing the sport he loved – volley ball. Other health practitioners he had… Read more »

Case Study: Cancer Misdiagnosis and Physio Treatment

Cancer Misdiagnosed Turns out to be ‘Soaz’ Muscle Ulceration. The ABC 7.30 Report 23/6/2009 In 2002 Cary Symons was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) – a slow developing disease which often requires no treatment. Two years after she became ill, Cary was told by Dr Dodds from St Vincent Hospital that he believed the… Read more »

Case Study: Golf Game Improved with Physio

I had been visiting Physios and chiros for years with no ongoing relief Woman aged 55 active in professional golf came to us in April 2012 with low back and hip pain ongoing for many months and only short term relief from other therapists. She reported that when she visited our website she was impressed… Read more »

Case Study: Physiotherapy Treatment for Headaches

Headache three years – no relief 50 year old male truck driver was referred to us with constant headaches over the last three years. Medications he was taking included a mix of: Panadeine, Panamax, Panadol, Panadol oste Nurofen Migraine and Nurofen plus. Prior to seeing us he told us he had been seeing a therapist… Read more »

Case Study: Physio for Headache Pains

Headache over 30 years 95% better after 8 visits Middle aged woman: Mother, working woman and wife came to see us having headaches almost every day since her late teens. Various main stream therapists with short term results. Medications included Panadol and neurofen. She also had mid and low back pain. After only 3 visits… Read more »

Case Study: Leg and Buttock Pain – Physio Treatment

Soaz Therapy for leg and buttock pain in Greenacres Woman 52 having left sided back leg and buttock pain with pins and needles into the foot, recent episode. Has had problem 5 years. Having trouble sitting at work , lying on her left side at night and walking Has seen various other therapists over this… Read more »

Case Study: Shoulder Pain Treatment

Shoulder Pain 20 years Woman with only half shoulder movement for over 20 years ( old Workcover injury) after 3 sessions has full shoulder movement A recent referral to our clinic was a woman in her mid 40′s. she reported right sided back pain that had been hanging around for about 3 months. Other health… Read more »

Case Study: Treatment of Urinary Tract Restriction Using SOAZ

Soaz treatment restores Bladder Function to normal ! Before the Soaz his running stride was severely restricted also: as an athlete who ran every day the improvement in stride length and freedom of movement was quite significant. Male in sixties post Laser surgery to clear a urinary tract restriction was still experiencing sudden and desperate… Read more »

Physio Treatment Results – Reduced Back and Leg Pain

Soaz Therapy for Back and Leg Pain in Greenacres 15 Years 70% improvement after 4 visits! A male aged 82 came to us on 10/10/11 with back and leg pains that had become so excruciating at night he could not sleep. He had had an operation (laminectomy)  on his back two years before.  He told… Read more »