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I am seeing more and more younger people coming into our clinic with low back pain.

As a primary school teacher before becoming a physiotherapist I witnessed first hand the most awful chairs that the kids were required to sit in. These were standard issue so there was no choice but to sit in them.

But the other requirement back then was to involve the kids in weekly physical education activities.

Today we see primary school and high school children preferencing sitting even outside of school because they are so heavily connected to their mobile devices. So even when they are at home they are likely sitting playing games or on their computers. Also more information is recieved via the digital platforms that ever before. So, we can’t stop progress. But there is a preventive solution that we have been practicing here at Posturepro physiotherapy for many years. We treat almost exclusively the major muscles that are crumpling and compressing our spine when we do sit. So if we can offset the impact from so much sitting there is a much better chance of avoiding back pain as they grow. Help your kids get the best approach to back or posture issues. Call us now to see what we do here that is different