Back Pain Increase in Young People: Why?

This 3-year study into back pain across the globe published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet reports that our current treatments for back pain are lacking in evidence of effectiveness. See article below


This research paper [below] shows how the Psoas Major Muscle exerts huge compression and sheer forces on our low spine resulting in crumpling and severely shearing the lumbar spine.


What’s The Biggest Contributing Factor To Back Pain For Younger People?

I am seeing more and more younger people coming into our clinic with low back pain. They can be high school students or people who have just started work. This is very disturbing for a physiotherapist because if these young people are already having problems then the prognosis for going forward is not good.

Sitting Contributes To Low Back Pain

One of the biggest contributing factors in low back pain is Sitting.

As a primary school teacher before becoming a physiotherapist, I witnessed first hand the most awful chairs that the kids were required to sit in. These were standard issue so there was no choice but to sit in them. When you consider that there is going to be between eight to twelve years of education that requires mostly sitting then this is not going to be helpful.

Today we see primary school and high school children preferring to sit even outside of school

Because the younger generation are so heavily connected to their mobile devices even when they are at home, they are very likely sitting playing games or on their computers and also, more information is received via the digital platforms than ever before.

We can’t stop progress, but there is a preventive solution that we have been practicing here at Posturepro physiotherapy for many years.

The Soaz Method targets the muscles that cause compression and damage to the back.

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We treat almost exclusively the major muscles that are crumpling and compressing our spine when we do sit. So if we can offset the impact from so much sitting there is a much better chance of avoiding back pain as they grow.

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