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Posture, what is it?

Many talk about posture but don’t really have a method of managing posture. If your posture is not optimal, your spine cant function optimally. The result is pain. It’s like a car with bad alignment. This results in Premature wear and tear on your tyres and brakes. In you and I the bad alignment affects our discs, nerves, ligaments and muscles close to the spine. The result is pain. So, just treating a disc or a joint in isolation will not resolve the problem LONG TERM. Yes you may get some short term relief, but the pain will return eventually because you have not addressed the ALIGNMENT of your spine. Good alignment is reliant on a few basics that are so simple – yet very rarely addressed.

Commonly Accepted Approaches

As a Physiotherapist of twenty years, I have used the traditional approaches in the past with good results. But, compared to the postural approach we use at Posturepro, I see the biggest difference is the long term results and the understanding about why you have the pain. So, education is also a major part of your care at Posturepro. Good alignment of your spine is central to having a pain free back – without it you are forever returning for the same symptoms.

We take your Back Pain seriously here at Posturepro

You are unique. Not only in your body type, but in your requirements for the right mattresses, pillows, and desk set up. As an holistic approach to your pain, you need to look at everything that impacts on your posture. Most people with pain episodes think their pain came about by doing the last thing they did before the pain came on. Like, lifting the shopping into the car, or lifting up their kids, or running. These are only episodes in a series of events from your day to day life that brings your pain on. It’s a bit like the boiling frog principle. Slowly the frog adapts and doesn’t know he is being cooked.

Alliances with the best in Posture Care

Here at Posturepro, we can advise on things like mattresses, pillows, chairs, even a better bra. We do this because we know that to get you right and keep you right it means looking at more than your pain symptom. We have allied with some of the best. Have you ever had the experience of trying to find a mattress you were happy with?. Then got it home and found it was nothing like it felt in the store? Believe me I have been through this and there is nothing worse. Your investment is huge and because of health reasons you can not exchange. We work with people who can make this a great experience. And who know how to match you up to the right mattress for you.

The Orthotic Group

Your feet form the foundation of your spine. They are the Foundation of your house. You wouldn’t start to put up the walls of your house before you got a good solid Foundation. Here at Posturepro we have the State Of The Art in prescription orthotics. (not off the shelf where one size fits all). The Gait Scan Orthotic is a state of the art custom orthotic that is made from a strong yet pliable material, unlike the old hard plastic that is so uncomfortable. We scan your feet to get your unique footprint that is exclusive to you alone. The benefit is comfort and durability, and we don’t leave it there. If you have any issues we are there to help.

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