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Welcome To Posturepro

Innovative Approaches for Spinal Excellence

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If you’re not progressing as you think you should be then see us
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Because treating where you feel your pain is only treating a symptom

Welcome To Posturepro

Posturepro Physiotherapy Greenacres servicing the Northgate, Lightsview, Walkley Heights and Modbury communities. Posturepro Physiotherapy are passionate about your wellbeing.

Our advanced skills (click here) friendly staff, innovative methods and thorough assessment procedures will assure dramatically increased healing times and overcome old Chronic problems like Back pain where you may have given up hope. We see our clients like members of our own family.

To see evidence that treating where you have your pain is flawed view our case studies

Our Soaz method for back and pelvic pain has seen healing rates increase dramatically and is exclusive only to our clinic.Find out why your spine pain returns again and again.. in spite of having it treated by experts.