Back pain has been classified by leading researchers as the number one cause of disability worldwide. And it is expected to increase as the population ages.

In my 30 years as a physiotherapist I have treated literally thousands of people suffering from low back pain. In my early years I remember thinking why do these people keep coming back with the same back problem? I thought I was doing something wrong.

Now I know the Answer:

Back pain where the pain is felt is Not the place to treat back pain.

The method I have evolved in my clinic over the last 15 years does not treat the ‘back pain’ this is merely a symptom of something deeper in the body not working as it should.

The method I have developed and that I have great success with starts with looking at the body as a whole.

I assess all body movement posture and alignment first.

By doing this first the body will reveal what it needs to be treated or addressed. And it is Never on the back.

Come in and see what Posturepro do that is evolutionary for back pain.

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