The Lancet did a three year global investigation into the current treatments for low back pain and published their findings in early 2018. their conclusion was that the methods of treating back pain are flawed: they are not working.

Wow so why are we still teaching these same methods in the University courses?

So if you have been reading my posts you would have seen in my last one that I questioned the methods many years ago and it lead me on a quest to find a better way. I found it.

I have been treating Back, hip, leg, groin and neck and headache pain with this method [the Soaz method] for many years. And, my clients are the proof that this method not only resolves pain but also gets posture corrected and better movement for the body.

So, for those who are still having their back pain treated with the commonly accepted methods ( still ) isn’t that like continuing to do the same thing again and again and expecting to get a different result?. Isn’t that the definition of madness?

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