As we are sitting our postural muscles that are attached strategically to our low spine create huge crumpling forces that compress and impact our low back. These forces over the low spine continue to compress the spine and also impact our discs. The discs start to bulge and this then starts to impact the spinal nerves. These nerves go into our back, buttocks and leg.

So the biomechanics are that through the postural muscles shearing and crumpling our spine and our low backĀ  in this sitting position the spine is continually being damaged.

Even though whilst we are sitting we may not feel the pain it is usually when we stand up that we notice the back pain. Getting up may be difficult and slow.

So sitting requires us to have very good support in our low back. So if you do not have a well supported chair then you can get lumbar support cushions that will help.

But, treating the postural muscles is the most important thing to do to offset the tightness that builds up in these muscles.

Posturepro physiotherapy have the proven solution to treating these muscles that keep them flexible and fluid.

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