As a physiotherapist of 25 plus years experience: I almost left the profession when I first started. I thought I was a failure and I was so upset because I wondered why my patients were returning with the same Back pain after I treated them. I thought I must have missed something in physio class. I use to lay awake at night and wonder what I could do to do better. Don’t get me wrong my patients were getting better and they were very grateful for my treatment. However, I was not feeling satisfied.

It was at that time that I started to look outside of physiotherapy to other methods of trying to achieve the best results for my patients.

I studied Acupuncture, Bowen therapy, Reiki , myofascial techniques, Aromatherapy and started to apply some of these into my traditional physiotherapy treatments. People loved these adjuncts to their treatment and I was getting busier.

It was not until many years and lots of treatments later that I realised that returning back pain was what was happening with all other therapists. Then I ‘got it’  this is how it works. We as therapists rely on our clients returning with the same Back, hip, sciatic pain neck pain because its how we keep our businesses going. I also noted that no other therapist seemed to be concerned at this: only me.

So it was in my formative years in physiotherapy that I embraced looking at the body in a different way and still do. At posturepro I have been using a method to treat Back pain and many other pain in the body with only starting with movement and posture first. This method has proven to resolve back pain and allow my clients to achieve movement and postural changes that had alluded them with other treatment approaches. This is method I embrace at my clinic for all of my clients.

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