CRYING FROM RELIEF from back pain

Why Am I Still Getting Back Pain ?

So many of the people who come in to see me for low back pain have been having their back treated for many years and have seen various therapists for it.

And still they continue to get back pain.

They may have had various Tests or scans even X-Rays and been on one medication after another and they believe they are in as much pain now as at the beginning or even more pain and more restrictions.

Recent research has also revealed what most of my clients already know:

that chronic back pain is often (more often than not) accompanied by other types of pain, like…

Headaches, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel syndrome, Chronic Fatigue syndrome and Anxiety.

Stress and depression are also more likely to be found in people with ongoing back pain, some estimates are up to 30-45% in fact.

I Have Tried So Many Different Things But My Back Is Still Painful!

This would be the most frequent statement I get in my clinic from patients who come to me with persistent Low Back Pain.

They tell me about all the various treatment approaches they have tried, some lasting longer than others but eventually their Back pain still returns.

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One of the ways I used to answer this question before Soaztherapy, was to assume it was something they had done to undo all my good work. One typical question might be “what have you been doing to make it painful?” Another question was about whether they have been doing their exercises?

This of course puts all of the blame back onto them. This approach then makes them feel like a failure. This is not the frame of mind to help themselves or me as their therapist.

Because I now know better, I explain to them how their back gets painful and what the answer is to avoid that long term.

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