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Why does back pain keep returning more so than other areas of the body?

and even becomes worse on each subsequent episode.

The pain that started in one side of your back is now showing up on the other side. And the pain is now moving downward causing buttock pain.

Now its in into the top of the leg and maybe there is also groin pain.

So the original back pain area seems to be spreading and the pain is more intense and you might even have pins and needles or numbness into your leg or foot.

The leg may feel weak and walking feels like you have to drag your leg forward.

All of these seemingly separate local pain areas might seem like you are falling apart or getting old and make you wonder what is going on.

You visit your GP and they tell you its arthritis or its your age. they might suggest taking some anti-inflamatories or even having a scan. So now you are really worried.

If you would like a logical explanation that¬† put’s the alarmist theories to bed: then call us for a free consult and find out what is really going on and how back pain starts and how it can be resolved ongoing.

the method we use at Posturepro physiotherapy  will get not only pain resolution but better movement and posture  in your body ongoing.