In my last post I posed the question about the connection between neck and headache pain and low back pain.

This gets to the heart of what we do at Posturepro physiotherapy. We approach your body as a machine with all the interconnecting parts working in harmony with each other.

What we don’t do is compartmentalise the body into seperate areas: neck low back hip groin shoulder and hip pain etc.and treat those seperately and charge you for each seperate area.

Our method begins by starting at the foundation of your body (think of this as the alignment in a car) and when we do this the body changes all over naturally.

So we have found a way to resolve Low back pain neck pain shoulder pain and headaches by first starting with the most important area: the one that determines how well the rest of your body functions (the body’s ability to work and function like a well oiled machine).

So my client’s neck and headache and her old chronic low back pain is now resolved ongoing because we started with her foundations.

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